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When the person is charged with crime there is always the option of posting bail. The bond amount is decided by the Court according to charges. The bond cost is 10% of the total bond amount. The agency will look for some kind of guarantee or collateral that can assure the appearance of client in Court. The collateral requirements might vary depending to charges and individual circumstances.

Once the client complies with the conditions of bail contract, the bond will be discharged and collateral are returned to depositor. A1 Magic Bail Bonds come up with the efficient Miami Dade bail bonds process. In Miami, there are two different types of booking facilities available. Once the person gets booked and PID is done, there is the ability to post the bond. Once this process is complete, the defendant will be released within few hours. Some common types of bonds:
  • Surety bond: The agent will guarantee the court about the payment in case the accused does not show up in court. The agent property in this case will be used as guarantee.
  • Cash bail: In this case, the accused need to post bail in cash. This is the type of bail that is considered as strong incentive for accused in order to show up in court. The accused with forfeit the cash in case they fail to show up for the court appearance.
  • Release on Personal recognizance: Miami bail bonds can come up with the situation where the accused are released without financial motive to secure their returns.
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