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The overall concept of bail bonds is not at all new rather it dates back to the initiation of the English Law. The sheriffs during those periods were aware that prolonged periods may pass from the date of the arrest to the date of the trials or preliminary hearing. These individuals managed the functioning of the prisons and also acted as bail officers. They fabricate varied bonds, through which they took the responsibility of the accuser so that he may get release from the jail but appear in the court on the set date and time. Bail bonds acquired much recognition with time because these services prevent people from getting imprisoned until he/she is found guilty. The ideas later on became an integral part of the legal system and are used when a criminal offense takes place.

According to the secure Miami Bail Bonds service, there are seven types of bonds. In the following discussion, let us explore some of them in details.

Types of Bail Bonds

Citation Release is perhaps the best one to procure because an individual would never be taken into custody if he/she applies for this bail. This bond prevents the police officer to imprison a person; rather it offers a particular date on which the suspect has to appear before the court. A citation release is issued only for minor crimes such as traffic violations.

Recognizance Release is another simple bail bond service, which has garnered immense popularity. Here the suspect just needs to promise that he would appear before the court on the set date and time. He needs to sign a document and is then released from the jail. Recognizance Releases are given only if an arresting officer wishes to.

Cash bail is pretty understandable. It is the bond where an individual needs to pay money for getting bail. Many departments in the world do not accept money but there are some, which readily receive money in the form of checks or credit cards. Well, the amount of money charged generally varies. For example, if a person has committed a serious crime, he would be bailed only if one pays huge sums.

In some cases, you need to contact an agent for getting a bond. The first type of service that these professionals offer is surety bond. Here the suspect need to pay 10% of the bailing amount and give his word that he would appear before the court. These services are quite flexible because the agent knows the exact strategies to get bails and that too in a hassle-free manner.

Property bonds do not work in all the states. Here, the entire right of an individual to any property is used as collateral. Real estate is the most common type to be utilized. While other bond services could be acquired easily, getting a property bond is a hectic endeavor for the secured property is evaluated, its value is measured and then the court agrees. It could actually take weeks.

The other two types offered by secure Miami bail bonds service are federal bonds and immigration bonds. It depends on your situation, which one would be most suitable.

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