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Basic terms

Bail defines money or property that the court hold until the defendant returns for trial. Bond can be considered as the promise made by the person posting the bond to forfeit the bond if the defendant fails to appear in court. While the defendant is not able to post his or her own bond, they can ask a friend, relatives or professional bail agent in order to act as his or her surety (who posts the bail on the defendant’s behalf).

Waiting for the judge to set a bail

At the defendant’s first court appearance which is usually a bail hearing, the judge decides the bail amount. The judge set the bail amount intended to be high enough for dissuading the defendant from simply forfeiting the bail as well as disappearing. Most of the time courts have pre-set bail schedules, acting as a guideline for the appropriate bail for each offense.

Posting bail

After deciding the bail amount, now defendants or their surety is able to post bail with the court clerk during business hours or at the jail after the court closes. The receipt for the bail bond is the proof that bail has been posted.

Attending court dates

If in case defendants miss or skip their court appearance, the court may schedule a forfeiture hearing as well as issue an arrest warrant. This hearing gives defendants the chance to explain why he or she failed to appear before. If the defendant does not attend the forfeiture hearing or fails to give a valid excuse, the court will keep the bond amount and the defendant will be taken into the jail custody.

Bail agent

A professional bail agent posts bail on behalf of defendants, making a profit by charging defendant’s a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the entire bond that makes it easy to Buy Bail Bonds Miami. If the defendant misses his or her court trials, the court will keep the bail agent’s money and the agent has the authorization to arrest the defendant as well as bring him or her back to court.


Buy Bail Bonds Miami with the help of an expert agent but at firstmake sure that the bail agent you are going to hire possess a license issued by the state and should be up to date. You can search them online, phone books or can find then in offices near the court or jail.

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