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Extradition and Immigration Ideas in America under Trump’s Tenure

The American president, Donald Trump has always been a center of controversies. From the 2016 campaign kickoff speech to accessing Hollywood tape to impeachment inquiry, Trump has always been in highlights. In 2016, after Trump's electoral win, the Americans showed their resentment on this win through walk-outs, business closures, filing petitions and marches. The protest led to several causalities, injuring more than 80 people and death.

The Promises Made:

Another highlight for which Trump has been in limelight is regarding the deportation and immigration plans in America. The US law of deportation and immigration holds an authority to send a person back to his origin if held under certain conditions. The reasons for immigration may be an illegal crossing of border or expiration of departure date on his visa. During his campaign, Trump put forward the promise of making the immigration laws stricter and deports illegal criminal immigrants.

Further, to avoid the break of any illegal immigrant, Trump promised to make border control stricter through strict detention of any immigrant found crossing the American border illegally. The American president came up with another law regarding US citizenship. Trump promised to seize the US citizenship rights of the children born in the US to non-citizens. Trump, in an interview, ridicules the American system that the US is the only country in this world where a person comes in, has a baby and the baby essentially gets the citizenship of the country. Further, he claims that the system will end soon.

In addition, Trump also promised to end DACA, which permitted children of illegal immigrants to get work permits and exemption from deportation. Not only stopping illegal immigration, but Trump also proposed to reduce the number of legal immigration. The president promised to put brakes on the issue of green cards to foreign workers.

For the economic sector, the American president promised to enforce an e-verification system for new employees. The system will screen the employees against the government databases which will forbid illegal immigrants to apply for jobs. Moreover, employers need to prioritize Americans over foreign workers for recruitment. Trump proposed that the minimum wage for H1B type visas shall be increased from USD 81,000 to USD 100,000. This will promote the hiring of local American workers by private firms and NPOs, hence, reducing the hiring of foreign workers.

Public Relations

These policies of the president were heavily opposed. Many advocates and people themselves began showing their resentment and came together to fight for their rights. People organized themselves as rallies, marches, and protests to fight against deportation. Not only people, but several government officials also joined the rallies. Several city council members, police chiefs and mayors tend to disobey the orders of deporting people.

The party's aim should be securing the borders of the state, rather than focusing on deportation and immigration of the illegal immigrants. The party's aim shouldn't be to deploy a ‘deportation force’. The American president is all set to execute some of his promises. The deportation can become a root cause for political, social and economical imbalance in the state and hence, the decisions should be taken into consideration again rather than initiating a blind execution.

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