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ACLU sues Trump to stop jailing of Asylum Seekers

Trump's electoral win period has witnessed a number of amendments in the laws related to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers in the US. Recently, Trump created a policy where allows the US government to send asylum seekers in the US to Guatemala. Guatemala is a country with a high crime rate and very little protection. The policy aimed to reduce the number of asylum seekers in the US. Shifting the asylum seekers is just one of the dramatic policies of Trump's anti-immigrant policies.

Another anti-immigrant policy for which Trump has been in limelight is the return of asylum seekers to Mexico. From July to Oct 2019, more than 50,000 asylum seekers have been returned to Mexico. These asylum seekers, without a shed on their heads, are very much vulnerable to crimes like rape, kidnapping, and others. Seeing the conditions of these asylum seekers in Mexico, the American Civil Liberties Union, known as ACLU initiated a fight against this unjust and inhumane action of the US government.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was established as an NPO in 1920, with the aim of preserving and protecting the rights and liberties of each and every person in the US. The organization has been supported by liberal organizations. ACLU also assists people in legal matters related to their rights.

Meaning of Asylum seekers

An asylum seeker is a person who leaves his home country, goes to another country and applies for international protection i.e. asylum. These asylum seekers need help from the United States government. The asylum seekers in the US are in a miserable condition. Every day, many asylum seekers become victim of gang rape, robbery, kidnapping, and many other criminal activities. The government doesn't pay heed to improve the conditions of these asylum seekers.

Initially, the procedure for seeking asylum in the US was much simpler. The immigrants could arrive at the US entry port and claim asylum. But now, the process has become much more tedious and bias. The immigrants have to wait a lot before getting the asylum. Moreover, the government doesn't allow asylum of the immigrants who have come from or passed through Mexico.

ACLU’s Case

The US Department of Justice's new policy regarding immigration became the reason for ACLU's sue. The US Department of Justice implemented a new immigration policy that proposed the reduction in the grant of bail bonds to the immigrants. The US government considers asylum seekers a risk and hence, the government can anytime refuse the grant of bail bonds to these immigrants. If these asylum seekers are denied bail bonds, they have to wait in the ICE detention centers, which are generally in another country, for their next immigration court date. The immigration courts in the US have heaps of pending cases. Hence, the immigrants have to wait a lot before getting a date.

All these policies and the inhumane behavior of the US government have drastically violated the rights of these immigrants. Every immigrant deserves a hearing before detention. The immigrants are seen as criminals but the law claims that every individual is innocent, until proved guilty.

Status of the case

The US district court considers ACLU to be justified in the suit and it was unconstitutional to ill-treat the detained immigrants and hence, the detained immigrants deserve a hearing. The case then went tohigher-level courts and currently, the case is in the US Federal Court of Appeals.

ACLU is completely justified in suing. Every individual, being an immigrant or a US citizen, deserves a humane treatment and is completely deserving of getting basic rights.

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