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Searching for a prisoner in Miami? Now, it’s easy to carry out county jail inmate search Florida. For finding jail inmates following steps can be helpful for you:

Contacting local Law enforcement

Determining where the inmate was actually arrested and checking with the police department for information should be the first step. There is another option available, calling or emailing the municipal court for contact information.


Your county or city corrections departments list an online database or they can give a link for a county inmate locator. You can also find email addresses in the county jail websites that will make you able to email the department in order to ask questions or even enquire directly.

Prison’s database

With these websites, you can work with limited information and that enables you to search the directory even if you only have the inmate’s name. Following bullet points makes you able to search this database:

  • Prisoner’s first and last name
  • Prisoner’s race
  • The age of the prisoner
  • Prisoner’s sex

Prisoner’s I.D

Knowing the registration number assigned to the prisoner will definitely help you to search for the prisoner’s database. Though, the website does not provide the inmate I.D numbers of all prisoners.

State websites

Some states may have searchable databases similar to the federal database or they can list an email address that you can use for contacting someone to guide you about a prisoner’s location. Note that, some states may not allow you to search for inmates under the age of 18.

Gathering Inmate information

After founding the prisoner in a database, you can use the contact information in order to find the prisoner. The database can guide you with the followings

  • I.D number of the prisoner
  • The prison facility’s name and location
  • The phone number or email in order to contact the facility
  • The release date of the prisoner

Finding someone who has been released

You can conduct a basic background search simply by using the person’s name and the birth date through various websites. For further knowledge, you can check with County jail inmate search Florida.

Contacting the prisoner

One can communicate with the inmate in various ways.

Calling the prison facility and speak to the inmate (the inmate needs to pay for the call as well as it is monitored)

Emailing the prisoner through a secured application (it is also monitored)

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